Certified Ready Loan Offers

Discount Car Title Loan

What is a certified ready offer?

If you received an offer of credit from one of Discount Car Title Loan lenders in Texas or car title loan products, “certified-ready” means that we will check to see if you continue to meet the criteria used to select you for the offer. All terms and conditions of that offer still apply. If you no longer meet the criteria used to select you for an offer, or if you did not receive an offer from them, “certified-ready” means we will check to see if you meet Discount Car Title Loan initial credit criteria. To qualify for a “certified-ready” offer, we may request a “soft pull” of your credit report (for personal loans) from one or more of the nationwide credit reporting agencies (Experian®, TransUnion® and Equifax®), which will not impact your FICO® or similar credit score with these agencies. Having a “certified-ready” offer means you may be approved for a loan with any Discount Car Title Loan third party lenders, subject to verifying your identity, and confirming the information on the documentation you provide to us online or at any of our locations in Texas. You can have a “certified-ready” offer and still be turned down for a loan. If you receive a “certified-ready” offer, and you continue the process, Discount Car Title Loan will complete your application over the phone and ask for additional information, such as references, employment information, social security number and debit card information.

My certified loan offer is too low. What are my options?

Your certified ready loan offer is based on the information you entered into the loan application or at any of our locations in Texas. Loan offers are based on your credit history, yearly income, appraisal of the vehicle and other factors. Some options to increase your personal loan or car title loan amount include:

  1. Do you have a different vehicle (with a higher value) for the lender to consider as collateral? At Discount Car Title Loan we make credit decisions primarily on “ability to pay” underwriting. However, sometimes what you can afford exceeds the value of your collateral. In other words, the lender might increase the loan amount if the vehicle was worth more (or if you had a different vehicle with a higher valuation).
  2. Does someone else work in your household? Or, since yearly income is a factor, do you have any other verifiable income you can add to your application? If so, make sure to update that information.
  3. Is there something on your credit report (other than your credit score) which might be a red flag to a lender that you have a good explanation for? Everyone goes through rough patches in life. A temporary loss of a job, loss of a loved one, a divorce, incarceration, etc. Making the lender aware of any of these “life happens” situations may help increase your recommended loan amount.

My certified loan offer payments seem too high. What are my options?

Your certified ready loan offer is the maximum amount your personal loan or car title loan lender has determined that you can afford. However, if the payment size is higher than what you feel comfortable with, you have the option of modifying the payment size downwards and the on-line loan optimizer will adjust your loan size accordingly. You could also talk to the lender directly about additional discounts that you might qualify for which would help decrease your monthly payments as well.